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Photography has always been close to me in some way


Early introductions came courtesy of my Grandfather, his "box brownie" and the multitude of black and white photographs scattered throughout his makeshift darkroom. As a small boy, that room, the focal point of a "shed complex" which lay behind a modest regional Australian home, was both a mystery and an intrigue.

Years later sport had become the focus of life and I remember my passion for photography being ignited through, what I respectfully call, the "Steffi Graf" years. It was a time spent exploring the beauty of "black and white" and the perfect sporting image.

As life rolled on, I found myself traveling more and more. These experiences seemed to trigger a deeper curiosity for the world and I would wonder about it's vastness and beauty, along with my place within it. In time, my affinity for landscape and streetscape photography began to transition from simple travelogue, to a more vigorous pursuit of the photographic art form. As I set about sharpening both my skills and appreciation for this, a different set of questions began to emerge.

Today, the inspiration for my photography comes from an effort to make sense of the world. I was asked this question some years ago .... "What is your question?" I'm still to find the question to answer that question. However I do know that in someway it's connected to journey. So, I am an artist inspired to make images that explore my own particular sensibilities toward journey. Through these meanderings I'm discovering there is an art to it all, far more so than I had ever imagined.

Amongst other things, I stand in awe of artists with the courage to confront their vulnerability. I'm even more admiring of those willing to use this as a foundation for their artistic expression. It's this authenticity that has become something to which I aspire.

I recently heard a renowned photographer say that ...good photography begins with having something to say.... I am learning about that. And as the journey evolves, I am hopeful that my images and their intention may touch you in some way, no matter how small or different that may be.

Thanks for your interest in my story


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