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January, 2013

URBAN IRONY is a multi layered work exploring the subject of urban iron as a metaphor for life, experienced.

At its deepest level it offers the viewer an invitation to a personal conversation about life meaning, experience and self worth in connection with the notion of beauty.


I wonder

if there is an irony to iron, that

iconic Australian centerpiece of urban and rural landscape

from years past.


layered, gnarled and dented,

it has lived a life.

And for that,

there exists a rich and weathered beauty,

often unseen.

A beauty,

cultivated through time

by a unique collaboration of artist and artists

unknown and unbeknown.

You can view selected images by going to Galleries, URBAN IRONY

“ZBOHOM STARÁ PANENSKÁ” (goodbye old panenska)

Galleria Enter

32 Panenska Ulica



March 15 - March 29 2011

Exhibition Notes

“ZBOHOM STARÁ PANENSKÁ” is a collection of images taken along an old, inner city street in Bratislava, Slovakia by Australian photographer Trevor Neal.

In this, his first exhibition, Neal connects his interest in urban streetscape photography with the emotional exploration of worlds in transformation.

Inspired by his own personal confrontation with change, he portrays “Stará Panenská” as a uniquely soulful street, struggling to embrace its very own 21st century transformation.

“Living on Panenská since 2007, I have often felt this tension between every aspect of old and new, of what was and what can be. The contrasts run deep and I wanted to illustrate this conflict through a feeling of extremes.”

He depicts warmth for the old he knows, for friendships well established and heartfelt. There’s a respect too, for the wisdom experience offers and made evident through the gnarled and worn surfaces of times past. It’s a comforting familiarity he finds hard to leave behind.

In contrast he feels coolness toward the new he knows less well. There’s the fear of that uncultivated relationship, so difficult to embrace. He sees ugliness in the crisp, clear lines and shiny facades, yet feels an excitement too, for the promise of something good that can’t be ignored.

Within these extremes he invites the deeper, personal conversation. The world changes and through its complexity comes the simple revelation, tinged with a feeling of sadness, that nothing stays the same.


You can view selected images by going to PANENSKA under the Galleries tab.

2013 Trevor Neal Photography